Arrive as strangers and leave as a family

Arrive as strangers and leave as a family

Arrive as strangers and leave as a family

I remembered those days.. When Our friend's group found the right place for  the purpose to achieved the best qualifications.. 

But for that we needed the area where we stay comfortably away from our houses and even as cheap as the best prices.....

My today's post based on that.....

 Be safe and stay together

Arrive as strangers and leave as a family

All parents want that their children get success in their life.. for that they always with them...

When they think ..their children need to go outside for higher studies then only one question arises in their mind....

Their feelings are right because every parents want the best for their children...

Arrive as strangers and leave as a family

I am heard from my known about the HouseItt .. and I want to share that with all....

It's not about any promotion's just for update to all about the latest information that I have... I wanna share to all my friends with the way of my blog...


This  HouseItt aspire aims at helping students find housing and accomodation . 

By the students , for the students.....

Arrive as strangers and leave as a family

Below their commitments for students 

"Arrive as strangers and leave as a family" is what we, at HouseItt aspire.

HouseItt is a ‘by the students and for the students’ initiative. We aim to simplify the process of finding accommodation and assisting students in finding their perfect home away from home.

 HouseItt is an online portal which offers accommodation solutions to students at budget friendly prices.

Houseitt is a student driven startup recognised by The Government of India. This is an initiative by the students of Hindu College, Delhi University.

We don’t just help students in finding the right place to live but we also help PG owners and brokers in finding the right tenant. They can become Houseitt partners and list their properties with us for free.

Arrive as strangers and leave as a family

We have not restricted ourselves to just accommodation. 

E-learning app, essentials at your door step, trips and tours are the added benefits of being a Houseitt member as a student. 

Whereas as a broker or PG owners we provide area managing services like: property sanitation, Digital photo marketing , etc.

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At the end,,

I like then  I publish this on my other motive to publish..

Thank you Friends.. I will publish my another post soon on informative talks...


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