Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

Children are filled with immense energy, they cannot sit silent. 

If they do not get the right opportunity to spend their energy, then they do mischief in their reaction and do not listen to the parents' say. 

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

Some parents aspire to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams by their children. It is not wrong to do this to a certain extent, but here it matters a lot in which field the child is interested. 

If a child interested in cricket forbids his parents to play and forcibly asks him to learn music, then the child will neither be able to learn music nor play cricket. 

Because of this, he will realize his deficiency. Therefore, the child should be motivated to move forward in the same field in which he is interested. 

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

Parents can fulfill their dreams if their thinking is positive.

 They must spend some time with the child's mischief, not treating them as headaches, joining his energy, his enthusiasm.

 It is not appropriate to make excuses for not giving children time under the guise of household and office work. 

We must spend some time every day laughing and playing with children. This fills us with new energy.

 With this positive thinking, we must pay attention to some things while guiding children. 

๐Ÿ‘‰ New definition of discipline

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

It is no longer the time when it was considered the best example of discipline to accept the head of elders without bending their arguments. 

Discipline means not just following orders, but also developing the ability of the child to complete every task in a disciplined manner. 

To make the child disciplined, the parents themselves also have to be disciplined.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

 For this, parents have to consider how disciplined they themselves were from morning to evening. 

They will be surprised to know that sometimes they will be self-aggrandized as how undisciplined we ourselves are.

 The manner of talking to the elders of the house, the relation with neighbors, the way to express their views about others, the help of others, the way of working well and cleanly etc. 

Children watch these small things every day very closely and they learn by following the behavior of elders. 

๐Ÿ‘‰ Refine child's talent

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

The parent's disdain takes away the confidence of the child. 

If you have dreamed of making your son a doctor and he wants to become a painter, then it is necessary for you to show your patience.

 Dreams change automatically over time. 

Important is the development of the ability to dream. You should not impose your thoughts on the child, but your aim should be to improve the talent hidden in it.

'Dreams are converted into thoughts and then these thoughts become deeds and attain heights.'

The same children become adults and become visionaries who have the ability to dream, fulfill them.

๐Ÿ‘‰Befriend children

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

It is important to become a friend of the child, proving the generation gap thinking wrong.

 It is the duty of every parent to praise even his smallest achievement and to pay attention to his mistakes as a friend without discouraging him.

 Parents must show confidence in the child's ability to do better in future. 

It is important to instill confidence in the child that he can openly talk to you about all his problems. 

It is also necessary to give him opportunities to work on his own and correct his mistake.

 Instead of sentences like 'Hey you will get hurt', 'Quit, you won't do it', 'Refuse, now you have done no harm', you should say that 'no problem falls' Try again , you can do that,  never give up "Well done, you can do that."๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

๐Ÿ‘‰Ability and confidence

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

Keeping in mind the mental-physical capacity of the child, he should be guided by examining his nature and strength.

 Expecting more than capacity, inferiority complex develops in the child.

 The enthusiasm in the children is filled with enthusiasm, but the anger of not being able to stand the test of parents pushes their enthusiasm. 

In such a situation, thoughts like 'I will never be able to do this' always become a hindrance in the development of his personality.

 Psychologists believe that children should never be pressured to come first in class. 

This often leads to depression in children, which sometimes takes the form of resentment. 

According to experts "The tendency of parents to put more pressure on their children for studies sometimes leads to their suicide."

๐Ÿ‘‰leadership development

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

It is said that leadership ability is inherent in children, but according to psychologists, if the right opportunities are provided and practiced continuously, then this ability develops even better.

 Giving children opportunities to express themselves in family seminars, taking their opinions in domestic shopping, aids in developing their leadership capacity

The children's appreciation of small efforts also instills confidence in them, whose next step is leadership. 

Some parents do not even allow their school going children to do even the smallest tasks associated with everyday routine. 

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This view of him is flawed because when he is an adult, this habit of not doing small things affects his overall performance.

 You will be surprised to know that the children who do their own work are more cheerful and energized than the children who are sitting idle for others for every task and are annoyed when the work is not completed.

Apart from school education, sports, horse riding, new creative activities, various arts, recreational disciplines, etc. are many areas in which children can achieve proficiency according to their interest for proper and complete development of the child. 

The brains of childhood filled with energy and gaiety, the more the brain can learn, the more it is necessary to provide an opportunity to learn new things.

๐Ÿ‘‰It is important to be close to nature

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

In the current lifestyle, proximity to nature is gradually becoming less and less.

 Children should choose such places where the beauty of nature is scattered around on vacation days.

 With this, the fun of wandering outside the house without worry gives everyone peace and happiness. 

On the other hand, living together with the whole family makes the sweetness of the relationship between the family members stronger. 

Children get opportunities to know and understand the unique creations and mysteries of nature.

 Children's general knowledge increases because of their proximity to nature.

 Going near to nature, not only in children but also in the elders, awakening of those soft feelings that make a man bodyless and gives him the ability to cope with adversity.

๐Ÿ‘‰Soothe the curiosity of the child

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

Childhood is the name of infinite curiosities. Children want to know and understand something new every moment. 

Parents in their busy time often rebuke the child's child on easy questions such as, 'Shut up, let it work', 'Do not eat your head', 'Go play outside'. 

We should immediately answer the questions of children by explaining them in a simple way.

 Without showing any reaction to indecent questions, one should try to know the reason from where this question came in the mind of the child. 

The correct prevention of children's curiosity will give them healthy knowledge. Curiosities are the mother of big inventions.

๐Ÿ‘‰Teach respect to elders

Simple Guidance For You In Parenting

If we want children to respect elders, then we also have to respect children.

 Like your friends, it is important to welcome their friends with affection. 

 Do not scold or criticize your child in front of his friends because this will develop inferiority in the child's heart and a feeling of jealousy towards his friend.

It is the responsibility of every parent to mold themselves according to the demands of changing times and give good rites to their children in new thinking.


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