How to parents influence a child's development

How to parents influence a child's development

How to parents influence a child's development

There can be many different factors that have an influence over the child's development, but parents can act appropriately to maximize or minimize these external factors to help the child attain the best.

At times the child's development may seem haphazard or static, but the goal always remains the same, to achieve full genetic potential and self realization.

Each and every child is born with a desire to be the best possible person, both physically and mentally. To be so, the child must be given the opportunity to fulfill this urge.

The parents have a crucial role to help their children to reach their genetic potential by providing safe, healthy and encouraging environment.

How to parents influence a child's development

How to parents influence a child's development

There is a Chinese proverb — the more carefully the dishes of small fish are cooked, the more carelessly a family has to handle.

China and Japan seem to have taken the foundation of this saying very seriously, which is the reason why the number of children in Japan and China is decreasing continuously. 

We have a different situation here. Parents have been taking parenting seriously, since the last two decades. 

Middle class parents are still overwhelmed by their child's birth from birth to adulthood.

Parents try to provide everything that they did not get to their children.

 Whether it is studying in a good school, or video games, a luxurious birthday party or a trip abroad. 

How to parents influence a child's development

Children are getting a lot without asking and they are getting indiscriminate competition, increasing expectations of parents and pressure to prove themselves.

Parents give their child the status of God and place them on their head. When these children start doing what they want, parents come to us with their problems.

Today's parents live completely different lives in their time

Earlier  the mother's role was basically to take care of the house. His intervention in raising children was negligible. 

Most fathers of that time walked a distance with their children. There was a discipline in the house.

Children would share their daily problems with their friends. 

How to parents influence a child's development

An untold distance between parents and children has completely disappeared in today's time. 

Today's parents like to call themselves children's friends. They want children to share everything with them, there is no distance between them.

If friendly relations between children and parents remain within one circle, then the relationship does not come to a rift. But this does not happen. 

Parents do not know when the children cross the limits.

How to parents influence a child's development

Twelve-year-old Paarth's parents came to Dr. almost crying. Paarth studies in seventh grade in a renowned school in the capital.

 Single child From the beginning, he met every need. Paarth's father is Radhey Businessman. At the behest of his son, he took a big car, took Plasma TV. 

This year, when the mother scolded Paarth for coming in low number in the sixth, he immediately raised his hand on the mother. 

This is not the first time that Paarth has raised a hand on mother or father. Earlier he used to do this when not taking cinema, not feeding pizza. But on the first scolding of the method, he abused the mother and killed her.

The expert Dr. says that like Vidhi and Radhey, at least fifteen parents a month bring them the problem of defiance or beatings of the child. 

The expert believes that the day the child first hands over the parents, it is very important to stop it. Even if it is for a minor thing like stubbornness.

How to parents influence a child's development

It is not necessary to fulfill their stubbornness to become friends of the child. Rather, they should be given the right values ​​and values ​​from the beginning. 

Explain to them the reason why it is wrong to beat or scold with elders. 

It is the responsibility of the parents, not the school, to make children sensitive. 

If from the beginning they will be seduced by taking something with money, then they will not be able to respect human values. '

Shilpa , an engineer by profession, has no complaints with her children Dhruv and Khyati. She says, 'My best friends are my children. 

Dhruv is fourteen years old and Khyati is ten. I share everything with him. My husband Madhav had left his job two years ago due to relapse. 

That year neither we were able to take the children out anywhere during the summer holidays or put them in summer classes. 

I had clearly told them that the financial conditions of the house were not good. 

Both children understood well. He did not demand new clothes for the whole year, nor did he go out to watch movies or eat food.

 That year we could not even celebrate the children's birthday. But I found that Khyati has suddenly become very matured by this incident. Now she is starting to value money. '

How to parents influence a child's development

Not every ideal situation happens in every family. Now that there is no time for the children to read and write properly, the parents would get relaxed.

 In today's era, there is amazing competition on every side. Many parents want to fulfill their ambitions through their children.

 After attending dance, painting, abacus, sports, swimming and many other classes, he is also sent to tuition for his regular studies. 

Children who are excessively burdened with expectations are soon surrounded by psychological problems.

 Depression is now common in children.

How to parents influence a child's development

The experts also has objections from parents giving 'quality time'. She says, "Children should be given full time." 

At that time, maybe you all sit and have dinner, watch TV or read something. 

I even believe that quality time is a misleading term. In its name, excessive pampering or laughter spoils children. 

Their understanding does not develop. Spending some time in the mall or in the park with the child does not create an emotional relationship with each other. '

It is true that today there is no distance between parents and children in the family. Educated mothers want excellent parenting. At the same time, the role of modern father is more than 'bread earner'.

 He is a children's friend, philosopher and guide. Parents want children to participate in household decisions as well.

Relationships between parents and children have changed in every era.

 Parents of all ages believe that they can raise their children better than their parents.

 If today's generation is less sensitive or their values ​​are changing, then somewhere it involves the thinking of their parents more than their thinking.

How to parents influence a child's development

Stella Chase and Alexander Thomas couple did research on about 133 children. 

Many people have their hand in carving the personality of a person. Like his genes, parents, other family members, school, friends and people around him with whom he has to sit. 

Apart from this, there are many other reasons which determine the character of a human being.

A lot of research proves that many childhood habits stay with us till we grow up. The best experience in this field was in 1950 in America. 

Stella Chase and Alexander Thomas couple did research on about 133 children.

From the birth of these children till the age of 30, their behavior, habits and gestures were monitored. At the same time, questions were also answered from his parents.

In the result of this research, these psychologists decided that nine types of health can be seen in newborns.

How to parents influence a child's development

How do children live? How do they play? What are their activities? The answers to these questions could be found in these nine types of moods. Then, on the basis of his age, he was divided into three parts.

"Easy Children", i.e. children who were easy to handle. Then there was the "Difficult Children", which was a big challenge to handle. And "Slow to Warm Up Children" who responded very slowly to something. Used to spend time in learning.

Research conducted in the United States found that three-year-old children who were called deficits remained the same until the early stages of growing up. There was no change in the nature and personality of these children.

The characters and moods of the children were initially divided into nine parts by psychologists.

 In the later experiences, they remained three. The first category is "Effortful Control" which means self control in the child. That is, if the child is tempted by seeing a toy, then he can stop himself.

The second category is negative effectiveness. The feeling of fear and despair increases in such children.

 Children falling in third category are sociable. Easily mixes with anyone.

Results of a research conducted in Russia this year have come out. In this, the parents of 45 children rated the mood of their children from a few months to about seven months.

 After eight years, the nature of these children was again examined. 
It was found that children who smiled more at the age of a few months were emotionally more stable even at the age of eight. 

However, in this experience too, there was not much similarity between the nature of newborn children and the behavior of their growing up. 

For example, if the child was very happy when he was very young, then this quality of his life did not remain intact every time. Whereas the same mood of some remained and later became a part of the personality of that child.

How to parents influence a child's development

In 2007, in the European country Czech Republic, there was research to find a relationship between children's behavior and human character.

 Psychologists did research on children aged between twelve and thirty months for this. 

At the age of 40, these children were tested again. Many aspects of all this came to light. 

One thing is clear from all these experiences. Looking at the nature of the children of a few months, we can guess how it will be in the future. 

This will not happen every time, but the foundation of our foundation falls in the first months of our life. In such a situation, if parents feel something is lacking in their children's behavior, then they can teach their newborns a few things and lay the foundation for their good character.

How to parents influence a child's development

This can be done with children from newborns to three years of age. During this time, the seeds of his mood and good character can be sown in his heart and mind.

How to parents influence a child's development

Important tips

👉 Teach children from the beginning that honesty, truth, patience and discipline are not synonymous. You become an example in front of them.

👉 Do not miss any opportunity to praise them. If the child makes a mistake, reprimand him alone, not in front of other children.

👉 Build up their confidence. Teach them the art of living.

👉 Teach them to love animals, they will be sensitive.

👉 Be friends with children, but always keep a light distance. Husband and wife should not share their things with them.

👉 Let the children say what they say. Always maintain communication.

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