Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

If you want to happy in your life.. Firstly, Be thankful to those that by the god grace already you have.

And always use very sweet and positive words in your life.

{ These words are necessary to make life sweet and beautiful like... Please, Sorry ,Thank you and so on are the magic words. These words have the ability to convert the negativity into positivity.}

Thank you God for the world so sweet,Thank you God for birds that sing,Thank you God for the food we eat,Thank you God for everything.....

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

Small words make your personality big. If you will instill the habit of these magical words in your children from childhood, then it will improve their personality and behavior will also be good. 

Yes, take these words in your life along with the children and see the changes.

You must have noticed that when a small child does something for you, you never forget to say thank you. 

On hearing this word, a strange enthusiasm fills in the children and our heart becomes happy after seeing them happy. 

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

To see the joy that has come on the face of the child, we often find an excuse to say thanks and the child is also excited to do that task again and again.

 Just think... There will be something special in this word...

When we start getting acquainted with the words of a small child, we also insist on learning many words and also tell about the importance of these words.

 When your child starts speaking and learning words, at the same time identify him with the magic word 'Thank you' and also explain its benefits.

 When, how, why and where to use this word, it is also important to tell the child about it. 

The advantage will be that even when he grows up, he will not forget this word. In the beginning, make such a habit that if the front person helps him, he should say thank you.

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

By the way, the beginning of children's education is started with the five golden word, in which thanksgiving also has its place. 

But as we get older, it does not have any special justification for us or simply say that saying thanks is just a formality. 

Simply put, thank you is needed only when the person or place is special. 

How many of us are such people who say goodbye to those who work in their home or those who come to deliver goods to the house.

Gatekeeper:  Who greets you while opening the door, you do not think it appropriate to say thank you.

It means to say that even before we are introduced to the world or people, the word that is first introduced to us will not be a mere word? 

Then why do we slowly start to deny his importance. No word of thanks. It is an external display of gratitude felt from inside. 

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

According to Indian philosophy and tradition, a person is born with many types of debt. From birth to life, many people are favored by us.

 A life journey cannot be complete without four shoulders met by someone else. 

When this life goes on like this with the help and contribution of others, why should we not thank them all.

 When you say thank you to someone, it means being grateful to nature.

When we use this word to express gratitude to someone, it means that we are telling him its importance or significance. 

Actually, what is any human or animal in this world? All are interconnected. 

If even one link of this life cycle breaks, then everything starts deteriorating. 

Therefore it is very important that you understand the importance of others in your life and do not forget to thank for it. 

If someone does something for you, then try to show them that whatever you have done for you, you appreciate it. 

Do not forget to thank that man. There are two things involved in saying thanks.

 Gratitude, which is a feeling and an expression of that feeling, which is a demonstration.

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

If your car do not work on the middle road and no mechanic is found or if your home's tap becomes useless and a plumber is not found, then you will not be able to stop your day from being wasted.

 There are money and resources, but still you cannot do all that work for yourself, because only those people know that work.

 How much the importance of that special person increases for you at this time, but when the same person goes to serve you, then you complete your duty by paying money.

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

In the same way, not knowing how many people work for us directly or indirectly throughout the day, we do not even realize it. 

 Giving thanks is a process that affects our behavior as well as our subconscious mind. Humans with gratitude are relatively more cheerful and have a social reputation.

Telling people that you are grateful to them is not just a good thing or a good habit.

This is a kind of emotional contact with another man, which we need only to maintain our mental health. People want to know that what they are doing is given attention and appreciation. 

On getting thanks, the person in front tries to do that work with double confidence. When you say thank you to someone, in front of you, your respect also increases and he is ready to help you even further, influenced by your behavior.

Gratitude to god

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

Thanks to Vedas, Puranas and scriptures have been described in great detail. 

We believe that God is omnipotent, by whose grace this world has been created and is going on. 

Actually, devotion, worship and worship to God is also a way to thank them. 

It is important to motivate yourself to bring a sense of respect towards others. 

Once a feeling of gratitude has developed in you, then it will become part of your routine and your life will be happy. 

What did the research say?

A research from the University of California says that there are many health benefits of saying thanks.

It has been said in the research that a person who expresses gratitude to people gets good sleep and their immunity is also strong. 

According to research, if we adopt the habit of giving gratitude in everyday life, then it makes blood pressure normal, relieves depression and anxiety, develops personality and can be reduced in the wrong habit and wrong behavior. .

A sense of gratitude towards someone makes a person responsible. When we thank someone for his work, it gives a kind of flexibility in our behavior.

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have in life

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We all know that saying thank you and thank you is a part of courtesy, which we speak to express gratitude to the person in front.

 But do you know that by saying thanks, we encourage the front man for service, which immediately generates a positive energy in him. 

If we filled our sense of positivity with gratitude for his service, then his influence will come in us somewhere.

 Actually, the human body is a kind of mirror. The kind of wave that will be generated in the brain of your front will also be reflected in you.

Say thanks to those who know that you are grateful for their actions, such as your parents, grandparents or friends. 

You do not consider it important to say thanks to those close to you, because you understand that they know that you are grateful to them. 

But these people must also say thanks. This makes them feel that you respect their work and consider them grateful.

A man struggles with many kinds of problems in his life, but in the meantime he gets a new energy from positive things. 

When you say thank you to someone or someone says thank you, a feeling of positivity arises within both. 

By saying thank you, you thank and respect him for what he has done. It also has an impact on other work. 

In trying to thank you, he tries to do his work with more seriousness and enthusiasm.

O God, thank you… for giving me the grief, trouble, risks and challenges in life, because I have learned the most such plagues in my life.

I am thankful… of all those people who left me in bad times because they were convinced that I can deal with the problems alone.

Do something today so that tomorrow you can thank yourself for that work.


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