Meaning of RECESSION: πŸ’Έ

⏰A period when the business and industry of a country is not successful⏰

  Hello friends,today I am discussing with you about the RECESSION : meaning,effects of recession, recession v/s depression and recession 2019 πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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πŸ’Recession is a period in which economy declines significantly for at least six months. People often say that recession is when the GDP  growth rate is negative for two consecutive quarters or more. But a recession can quietly begin before the quarterly GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT reports are out. A recession generally marked by high unemployment, stagnant wages, and fall in retail sales, and is much milder than a depression.


πŸ‘» Effects of recession

When an economy is facing recession, business sales and revenues decrease,which cause businesses to stop expanding. On December 1,2008, NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) declared that the United States entered a recession in December 2007, citing employment and production figures as well as the third quarter decline in GDP. 


πŸ’ However, found that women experienced more stress then men because they were more likely to be the financial managers of the household  and therefore felt the impact of recession on household.


πŸ’ Unemployment is the result of a recession whereby as economic growth slows, companies generate less revenue and lay off  workers to cut costs. Two key factors drive growth πŸ‘‰ consumer spending and business investment.

πŸ’ Wages decrease and unemployment increases (so consumers have less income to spend), housing prices decline , and the stock market drops.


πŸ’ Education, private capital investments, and economic opportunity are all likely to suffer in the current downturn, and the effects will be long-lived.



If history is to rhyme Donald Trump finds himself at a comparable vu place as President Barack Obama in 2008 that is early. Obama's path to success was assisted largely because of the rapidly metastasizing economic collapse that influenced all Americans who then took their frustrations and deep disappointment over the GOP leadership and voted not just for an outsider, but a single of colour whose father was Muslim. 

At a Twilight Zone meets Groundhog Day scenario, the condition of the current day economics is exactly what Wall Street would term an elephant on poultry legs a so called bull market which has benefited solely the elite, an economics that's on the brink of collapse that Americans will blame Barack Obama and the Democrats. 


For that reason Americans will be forced to vote like a businessman with no political experience, for the outsider.


Despite his track record as a property mogul, Americans may hold the understanding he's a savior, a talking businessman and non politician could solve problems than a politician that may not understand economics. The beginnings of an economic downturn is Trump should get him. Alongside political pundits the experts since last year under estimated staying power and Trump's appeal.


Throughout Trump's successful campaign, they have repeatedly doubled down over their predictions of his downfall as though they were playing in a casino - possibly one of Trump's - imagining the next roll of the dice will probably land in their favor. 

Now suddenly they have woken up to discover the cold reality this Trump isn't going away. Politically it is impossible to counter Trump because he is not playing by the rules and honestly, he can be making majority of the stuff up as he goes along. So predicting what he is going to do next and creating a counter strategy is fruitless. 

We are just speaking about the anti Trump camp at the GOP so imagine how difficult it'll be for the Democrats. Trump's advantage is the Clinton camp might assume that they've this election inside the bag due to Trump's unsavory and frequently confounding language and behaviour not befitting the presidential office.

The Democrats may under estimate the fact that Americans are tired of pomp & circumstance particularly during long periods of economic stagnation for the non elites. When the economics shifts into freefall they will care even less about his boorish behavior. 


Trump's appeal to satisfy some American fantasy emotional desires to Give them their America back - even the fantasy of such the America this ceased to exist generations ago - as if this imaginary edition, which benefited a smaller proportion of people than it does today, was much better than the Camelot of the brief Kennedy White House years.

recession v/s depression 


A recession is economic contraction that lasts at least six months, while a depression is longer and more severe. A recession is the contraction phase of the business cycle. It begins after the economy reaches a peak of activity and ends as the economy reaches its through.

On the other hand, depression is a prolonged period of economic recession marked by a significant decline in income and employment. Depressions are caused by the same factors that lead to a recession .

     πŸ’ How to proceed in the economic recession


Whatever the government figures say, it is true that the economic recession has started in India and it can be the biggest and longest running recession, we have to fight hard to get out of it. Some important things have to be read. And steps that reduce the risk of recession.

πŸ‘‰ Keep check on your expenses whether in business or personal life, avoid unnecessary expenditure without any unnecessary travel or business expenses.

πŸ‘‰  Build an emergency fund. When a recession strikes, investment portfolio tend to plummet, jobs become less stable, and raises become far less widespread.


πŸ‘‰ Lower your fixed living costs.




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