Teach disciplines to children

Teach disciplines to children

Teach disciplines to children

Parents👪 sacrifice many types of small sacrifices to fulfill the wishes of their children, but it is not necessary that their demands should be met.

 In such cases, children are often stubborn and it becomes difficult for parents👪 to handle them. 

Teach disciplines to children

Teach disciplines to children

Many times ⏰parents adopt a wrong way to teach discipline to their children.

Teach disciplines to children


Scolding or beating can affect your child's behavior to some extent, but there are many disadvantages of such methods on which the parents do not pay attention. 

Several types of studies have been done on this matter, confirming that the children who are more rigidly treated, often such children become victims of depression and their morale also falls.

 Only anger 😠and violence are not the only option to bring your child on the right path, but there are other ways that you can solve your problem by adopting them. 

Today I will tell you about some such methods. 

Teach disciplines to children

                        Let's know how you can teach the lessons of discipline without rebuke and beat to your child. 


 💁 If your child demands chocolate🍫, biscuit 🍪or other such things just before eating, then ignore their condition and keep working in their work.

 For a while, he will surely make you tight but later he will become normal.

Many children have a habit of drawing attention to themselves, they will be alerted by doing so and will also take advantage of this in the future. 

Teach disciplines to children

💁 Do not react often

 You have seen that the children give negative feedback on the anger of the parents or they start making fun by which your anger also increases. 

In the first , you will not respond. After this, if you do not see any improvement in your child's behavior, then warn him. 

This will teach the child to stay calm and behave well.

Teach disciplines to children

💁 Take the child's choice from them

If your child is insisting for something unnecessarily, then first you take her away from her choice.

👉 For example, if he asks for new toys from you, then tell him about taking an old toy back.

Teach disciplines to children

 💁 When your child is constantly talking about something that which is not good for him, then do not obey them, and at the same time let them realize that this is not good for him.

 Teach them first politely , if he is not understand your words then adopt carrot and stick rule.

 In such a way, the child will learn from his mistakes. In this way children will realize their responsibilities.

 Also, they will be able to differentiate between the right wrong in the future.

Teach disciplines to children

 💁 Change your behavior towards children

 Whenever your child makes a mistake, make him realize that you are angry with his actions.

 Teach him patiently, give him small punishment and say accept him mistake and feel sorry .

Afterthat, hug him tightly and say do the right work .. never hurt to anyone.

In this way, your child will learn to appreciate the feelings of others. 

💁 Give them choices

 Give your children choices. Add them to your decisions. 

In this way they will be able to get the right thinking that means there will be some argument in their point of view. 

For example, if they ask for a gift before birthdays then try to explain to them that if they take their gift before birthdays They will not find anything on that day. 

This will allow your child to understand that it is not necessary that every time his demands are met.

Teach disciplines to children

   💁 Assign some tasks to the children 

When your child starts boring, in such a way, they begin to bother you with many ways. If such a situation comes to you then ask your children to do something for themselves. In this way they will learn to use their energy in a creative way.

           Teach disciplines to children

Try to explain to your child that their bad behavior also affects their parents. At the same time people dislike such children.

💁 Imitate your child.

 It will look a bit awkward to hear but whenever your child shows tantrums, you should start showing tantrums 

like if your child does not listen to you and refuses to do your work, then you also talk about it Do not accept ,Be the first to talk to him.

Remember to appreciate the good habits of your children. This will increase their confidence as well as their bad behavior will also improve.

            Teach disciplines to children

"You will never achieve 100 percent if 99 percent is okay"
-Will Smith 



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