Believe in Yourself

 Believe in Yourself

 Believe in Yourself

πŸ‘Do not let anyone say that you can not do anything because those who can not do anything themselves can keep telling you that you can not do anything.πŸ‘

                     Believe in Yourself

πŸ’ Without oxygen, human life cannot be possible. In the same way, success without confidence is also possible.

 πŸ’­ When you have to face someone, you have to go for an interview or you have to design your life. Then this confidence shows your path. 

Confidence in you is that energy. Which not only inspires you, but also leads you to life. 

πŸ‘‰ Few inspirational stories that will motivate you


πŸ‘‰ An ant said to the man, "People stop my way and I find another way and keep going forward.

They drop me from the wall. I start climbing back again, whatever the obstacle or obstruction is very difficult for me. 

But continue to keep on believing ,"I can do it until I die, I will continue to struggle, I will keep fighting and I remain on this belief."

 I can do it myself, it does not matter if others believe in you or you should believe that you can do it and if you continue doing so you can become whatever you want.

 There is no point in the fact that no one trusts you or not, the most important is to believe in yourself.


        Believe in Yourself

πŸ‘‰ A man's heart said to him, "I have been banging since you came in the stomach of your mother and will keep going till then you will not leave, in the same way hand also repeated his duties."

 Everyone told the man that in the way we do our own duty, you can fulfill your dreams too and in this way life can be made easy.

  Believe in yourself

              Believe in Yourself

😎 Confidence means having confidence in oneself. Only those who have confidence can make a different identity or today those who are standing on a big stage, it is their confidence to reach them. 

Let's know how this confidence comes. On this earth, God has created everyone by giving him something special. πŸ™

Just need to identify it and work on it. Also remember that nothing happens overnight. When you start doing something, it takes time to make it.πŸ‘πŸ‘

                                        Believe in Yourself

πŸ’ Know how to overcome fear 

Fear is the thing that weakens confidence the most. Where there is fear, there is no confidence. 

Where there is confidence there is no fear. Therefore, first of all, drive away all kinds of fear from within.

 Fear is a disease that acts like phobias. Once the fear has sat down, everything is useless.

 Such as fear of the future, fear of being messed up, fear of being rejected, fear of being in front of the public, fear of darkness, fear of height, fear of water or even more fear.

 If such fears are also inside you. And what you are afraid of as soon as you face those things. You will lose your confidence.

πŸ’ Do whatever you are afraid of 

Whatever you are afraid of or whatever work you should do, you should do it once and not twice. 

So that the fear inside you touches. Unless you know something, you are afraid of that thing. 

Actually, the person starts running away from what he is afraid of. 

Instead of doing it, he keeps getting saved. Because of which his fear never goes away and he always feels lack of confidence.

 Believe in Yourself

πŸ’ Never be afraid of making mistakes

Never should a man be afraid of making a mistake. Because it is said that a mistake does what works or wants to do something. 

Whatever will be done, how will it be wrong? Only when you make a mistake will you learn.

πŸ‘‰ Every big human has made many mistakes before becoming big. Have made big mistakes. 

But in return he has got experiences which are useful for his whole life.

πŸ’ How to Deal with Failure in Life

If one fails in life, then there is no need to be depressed or depressed. Rather, there is a need to stand up again. 

(Einstein, Abraham Lincoln) These are the people who have failed many times, not once. 

But they believe that as often as they fail, a new way of winning is revealed. 

You should experiment in life because even if you do not experiment, life will end. 

                      Believe in Yourself

            Life will continue to experiment with you. 

To succeed in any area of ​​life requires self-confidence. No work can be successful without confidence. A positive attitude is necessary for confidence.

             πŸ’ Confidence is the mother of success

No success can be achieved in the absence of confidence. Every work in life is done on the basis of self confidence. 

Whatever the person's mind is full of doubts, anxiety and fear, can not even do ordinary work from the ordinary.

 Worry and doubt will never let your mind get concentrated, so increase your confidence and increase the concentration with all your doubts. 

πŸ‘‰The secret to success in life is - confidence.πŸ‘ˆ

If man tries hard, but he does not trust himself, then he cannot succeed. One who has faith in himself gets the power of supernatural power from inside.

                    Believe in Yourself

       You are your own best friend, the solution to all your problems is with you and no one else.

 You have to join yourself and have faith in yourself. If we believe in ourselves, believe it only It is only by thinking that "I will do this work" that we get so much confidence that we do the biggest and the most difficult tasks very easily and on the strength of our confidence World's tilt

Many people consider self-confidence as arrogance. 
This is absolutely wrong. 

Self-confidence is a virtue - which provides endurance to a man.

       Self-confidence is the scale of success

              Believe in Yourself

It was discovered by renowned scientist πŸ™Dr. Jagdish Chandra BoseπŸ™ that all trees and plants have life like animals and humans, they experience pain and sorrow.

 If the plants are poisoned, they also die.

 In the course of demonstrating his research, in England, he injected poison into a plant in an injection, but the plant did not die. The crowd gathered there started to laugh at him.
Since he had complete faith in his discovery and more than himself, at the same time he thought that when this plant cannot die from this poison, how can I die from this poison?
He also agreed to inject the same poison into himself that one of the organizers stopped his hand and said, "Sir, we had filled colored water in this vial instead of poison."
Doctor Bose repeated that experiment with the actual poison, and the plant slowly wilted.
He had so much faith in his efforts and self that in the end, the whole world had to give full recognition to his quest.

                Believe in Yourself

So friends, this is the strength of faith on themselves. If Doctor Bose did not have so much faith in himself, then he too would have considered his search as useless like everyone else, but on the basis of his faith, he bowed to the whole world.
If we have unwavering faith in ourselves, then other people will trust us and that is our scale of success.

             Believe in YourselfπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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