How to make a daily schedule for yourself

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

Hello friendsπŸ‘‹,today I am discussing with you about the management of schedule ⌚ and how much its importance in life.

 Discuss not only about your schedule period ⌛,even we will discuss on children's schedule ⏰too.So friends, let's start πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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If you are aware of your πŸ’fitness then it is obvious that your focus will be on healthy eating and disciplined workouts by making useful schedule. But this is not enough to stay fit.

              How to make a daily schedule for yourself

Healthy lifestyle  is necessary for longevity and healthy body, for which you have to take care of these things throughout your day and every day by following the schedule 


How to make a daily schedule for yourself

What is the day that does not start with a workout?

To turn on body parts for day-long running, it is necessary that you do follow the honestly your schedule

Exercise is necessary not only for weight loss, but also for a πŸ’ͺhealthy body and 😊 a calm mind.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

'Breakfast Like King' Eat your first meal in the morning without any skimp. Neither turn away from carbs, nor spend all your love on protein πŸ₯.

From eggs to fruits and from grains to smoothies, eat freely whatever you like.

Remember, all these things will work as fuel for your body. So fill the entire day with fuel.

But don't eat fried or roasted things, otherwise you will feel sluggish.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

It is good to be busy at work, but in this affair, if you stick to the seat for a long time, then the waist band will ring, the eyes will also be weak and obesity will also increase. 

So leave the chair for five to ten minutes every hour and take a break.☕

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

Do not fill 'garbage' food in your stomach .

 If possible, bring your lunch box 🍱. Avoid eating  from outside 🍟. 

Prefer soup and vegetables. Don't forget never to skip lunch too, because when you feel hungry later, your brain will stop working.

Then if a colleague or friend offered pizza πŸ•, then because of skipping lunch, you say 'yes' I want it. Lunch on time keeps the metabolism of the body healthy.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

If you feel like eating something, then definitely eat it 🍨. It is better to eat a little than not eat.

This is because if you ignore your craving 🍫, you may lose your control and break on it. 

It is better to do a little cheating with your food 🍰 and cool your craving by taking one or two bytes of what you want to eat.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

The more rest you give the body, the easier it will be to burn calories. Also, to wake up early the next day, it is necessary to sleep early too.πŸ‘

Admittedly, it will be painful for you to follow this schedule.

 But if you fight your laziness then within 7-8 days your biological clock ⏰will set itself. 

And of course, don't postpone it tomorrow. Whichever time of the day you are reading this article, start following the schedule from that time.

 How to make your children's daily schedule 

                          How to make a daily schedule for yourself

All parents want their children to perform well in school, but it cannot be possible for them to perform well only after a few days of preparation. 

By preparing for a few days, they can definitely pass the exam, but it is not going to help them much in life.

It is important that the children understand the words given in the book and understand them properly before rote, and this will be possible when they have enough time to understand everything.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

In such a situation, it is necessary to make a schedule of the children for the whole year.

 Even if the school students take the exam at any time, you should make the routine of your children such that they do not have to bear the burden of studies on any given day and they also learn something new every day.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

Sit with your child and talk to him and plan the entire academic year in the beginning, so that you and the child have plenty of time. Identify your child's weak areas.

His last year's report card and his experience will help you with this. You and the child have to work more on this part.

This time, do not give place to those mistakes in the timetable, which became the cause of trouble last year.

 It may be a wise move to do homework a little earlier by cutting down the TV time in the last year, when the child's sleep and homework time are the same.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

If the child starts finding excuses for not reading, then try to teach the child in a game rather than giving the child examples of another child.

Try to find new ways in which the child feels.

You know your child the best and you can easily find the activity of his choice.

The plan made at the beginning of academic year may not be right. Evaluate this plan periodically as a solution to this problem. Consult your child and make changes if necessary.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

Children too have a lot of work so that if the right schedule is not maintained, then the work gets collected and the problem increases greatly.

 For the homework to be done correctly, it is important that you pay attention to following the schedule.

Give the child a break of half an hour after returning from school.

During this time, the child neither watches television, checks email nor starts playing video games.

If the child gets involved in all these, then he stayed up after half an hour.

Instead of homework at night, motivate the child to do most of the work during the day.

At night, because of all the members of the house being at home, the child has the mind to sit on TV and everyone.

In such a situation, reading alone is difficult.

πŸ‘‰ Determine study time on holiday

Everybody needs a break. Children also want to be free on the day of holiday.

In such a situation, it is impossible to follow the schedule.

You should make a separate schedule for the day of the holiday, so that the homework is not left and the child also gets to enjoy the holiday.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

Your child does not only have to be good at mathematics.

If the child does homework for only one subject for a long time, then note that he is not being given more work than necessary.

Also pay attention to the quality of homework. The homework should be such that the child learns.

How to make a daily schedule for yourself

At the end, hope friends, these information give benefits to you and your circle. Thank you and will be meet soon on the next blog information. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š


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