How can we groom your personality as a young or teenage

☺☺How can we groom your personality as a young or teenage☺☺

The child is God's masterpiece. For its development, parents at home, teachers in school and every unit of society, child organizations and motivational literature have a joint role.

 If the role of one of these is disintegrated, the child's social development is blocked and the personality frustrated.👇

Before knowing how to enhance personality, it is advisable to know here what is personality. "Personality is the name of the entire image of a person, which he creates in front of others."

If your image is positive➕, then you become a person of praise in front of others. 

On the other hand, if your image is negative➖, then you can become an insult.

 The personality of a person does not become due to only one quality of that person, but it contains complete images of that person, such as knowledge, expression, tolerance, seriousness, presentation, etc., which makes him perfect.✅ 

How can we groom your personality as a young or teenage

👪Family is the first school for personality building of children. In that too, the role of 'Mother' is the most important.

 If parents love and express their child, take interest in each of his actions, respect his wishes, then the child will develop social qualities such as 💁responsibility, cooperation, goodwill and he will be in the organization of society, the aid giver will become a successful citizen. 

If there is an atmosphere of honest cooperation in the house, then the development of these qualities in the child will be well done, otherwise he will be arbitrary by keeping all moral values and will become anti-social with a sense of hatred towards society.

The environment of the school also has a substantial impact on the mental health of the child.

 The social connection he has with his teachers and classmates is very important. To educate children, first of all they should love.

 When a teacher loves children, he offers his heart 💝to them, then only he can fill in them the feelings of joy, friendship and humanism of labor.

The teacher has to reach the child's heart. His interest and concern is his important workload. 😊He should create such an environment a school become a house.😊

Where fear is no harmony. Only then he will be able to teach children to love their family, school and country, they can awaken the desire to gain labor and knowledge.

 This is how the child reaches the heart💟. The essence of teaching is the union of the minds of students and teachers

How can we groom your personality as a young or teenage

👪Family is a means of teaching cultural values to children. 👪Family is the basic institution which is the basic source of control in the society.

☺Family means parents. Satisfactory family life is very important in the personality building of children.☺

Today joint families are breaking up, even in single family children are not being paid full attention.

 Both husband and wife go to work. On the grace of the servants, the child is growing up or going to daycare centres.

Parents are unable to pay attention to children even if they want to

Children are often getting neglected in these situations and are suffering from a variety of emotional 💁serious problems which is a matter of great concern. 

Cultural change💭Impact of electronic media on children 

👻Electronic media 📱is polluting the mind that is a matter of concern not only for India but also for sociologists and thinkers all over the world.

 Increased violence in films, new ways of crime, cruelty, incest, profanity, and the influence of 'cable' culture, the cultural devaluation that is being propagated by foreign channels and open sex served in foreign films. 

Will be able to save their Indian culture? As a teacher,these challenges of children have always kept me excited and worried and would have stirred the mind of any parent.

How can we groom your personality as a young or teenage

According to the answers which came out from the analysis of teaching period and the topical questions related to the children coming in contact with all around: 

the parents, teachers, guardians have to be made aware towards the personality of the children. At the same time, the child litterateur will also has to prepare such literature according to their needs and time, 👉which can give them direction👈.

They should also develop scientific consciousness and awaken human sensations so that their character can smell the fragrance of human relationships and feeling of brotherhood.

With the collective efforts of all of us, the children should get full opportunities to align with the future world and society and to build their lives accordingly.

Let us recognize our responsibility.💭The experts said - "Children are invaluable gifts to the Gods of heaven." We have to take care of this invaluable gift with all the help. The prosperity of the entire nation is hidden in the progress of children.🙏

Not just the progress of any nation, but their existence also lies in the effective use of child power.

 💁Today's children, who will be the citizens of tomorrow, find out their abilities and abilities early and be trained in such a way so that they are not only self-satisfied but can get their proper contribution in the prosperity of the nation.

Personality development is the key to success🔑

Success is a word that everyone wants to achieve, but very few people know how to achieve it.

 In fact, people who want to achieve success, do not know that in the development of personality, there are many such things which are hidden, only by taking improvement you can turn many failures into success.👍

How can we groom your personality as a young or teenage

 💨Be a good listener and speaker

If God has given us two ears and one mouth, it means that we speak less and listen more.

 The secret of Amitabh Bachchan's  success🔑is that he speaks less and listens more in any of his programs. This makes your identity as a serious and thoughtful person.
On the other hand, when you hear the views of more and more people, then you have a lot of material that enhances your knowledge and understanding.

💨Expand knowledge

In our day-to-day life, we meet thousands of people who can open a wealth of opportunities in front of you, provided that you are able to tell them your strengths.

  For example👉 when you meet a person or a group, if you make an impression while talking to them that affects them, then you can be a person of their work, because today's professional life is not about flattery, but achievements. And any achievement cannot be possible without knowledge.

💨Do your own assessment

There is a principle in management, known as 'swot' analysis. According to this theory, often those people who are unsuccessful in their work in the market or in their work and do not realize their power.

  The whole meaning of swot means that no one can defeat a person who recognizes his strengths, corrects his weaknesses, and leaves no opportunity before him.

💨Stick to your duties and principles

Know what was the biggest secret behind the success🔑 of Abraham Lincoln?

He was never to compromise his duties and principles. He fell ill several times and had to face defeat in various elections 27 times since the early days of his life, but he never gave up.

Finally one day he became the President of America.👍

At the end, You are the best, No one like you. Recognize your abilities. You can become one day a respectful and successful person.

              How can we groom your personality as a young or teenage

All the best👍

Thank you😊


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