How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

Improve speaking skills by various ways but most important is self-confident .

To learn any language, it does not matter that you belong to which medium- Hindi,Punjabi or English

This does not mean that you will not learn English. It is important to understand the word learning.

πŸ’ You must have seen a baby how he observes people around him. He watches them carefully while speaking.

He learns carefully the way words sound and the things connected to them. If he was spoken in English at that time, he would speak only in English.

If you have noticed, then there is one thing that the environment greatly affects our language.

People do English speaking courses, but what happens after a few days that due to lack of environment, practice is gradually lost. 

You can improve English speaking / writing by following the methods.

Fill yourself with the belief that it is not too difficult for you to learn this language.

☺Start from the beginning. Maintain consistent practice.

How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

First of all, you have to know where do you have the problem? 

And no one can know this better than you.

Make a list of topics that are the cause of your problem.
Then find a video lecture of each topic or knowing a good teacher's help can be taken.

For the practice of speaking, you should create a group of people who are interested in speaking English like you.

Practice speaking everyday. There will be some problems in the beginning, but continue to work, you will definitely get success.

You can choose a short class story book in English.

Read the newspaper and learn difficult words and don't forget to use them in practice.Overall, you have to make your environment English.

        Then see how your English will improve.

           How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

It is obvious that for this you have to listen to English. You can listen to the news bulletins of the BBC and CNN channels. 

News presenters always speak in such a way that maximum listeners can understand them. 

British English will be heard on the BBC and American English on CNN. You will see a lot of difference between these two. 

Watching English movies will also help you a lot. While watching any English program / news bulletin or film, you can watch it with subtitles. 

Reading English newspaper will be extremely beneficial. The tribune, Hindustan times of English you will find it simple. When you are mature in English, you can read the Hindu newspaper.

Start reading English magazines too. We do not necessarily have to read a magazine with a serious or political subject.

You can also read magazines related to fashion, motor vehicles etc.

How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

Stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself in English. 

Take your English newspaper and speak it yourself. This will make both your reading and speaking practice.

When you speak in Hindi, think about it in your English translation and tell yourself.

While learning any foreign language, you will find it more difficult to speak it.

There is only one solution to overcome this problem. That is practice, continuous practice.

             How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

When you start speaking English, people around you will make fun of you, but you should not mind them because you are in a situation where mistakes happen.

Do not stop speaking English under any circumstances and one day you will realize that you too can communicate fluently in English like others.

So the message is that do not stop speaking and practicing English in your daily routine.

Most of the students of CBSE board or other board may find this strange but this is the most important rule.

In-depth study of grammar can help you pass in CBSE board or UP board but speaking English will not help.

Too much study of grammar will not only make you slow but also confuse you.

You will take too much time to speak a sentence while speaking. Most people of English speaking nations know only 20% to 25% of grammar rules.

Middle-class students of CBSE or UP board know more rules of English grammar than people from English-speaking nations.

Start speaking with very basic grammar like is, am, are, was, were, do, does, did etc. Create your own story in Hindi and translate it into English.

Good communication starts with listening. Listening to new words, proverbs and sentences will not only improve your vocabulary but it will also help you to learn accurate accent ,pronunciation and grammar.

This can be understood very easily by the example of a small child. A child is often praised, spoken to, and instructed without expecting a response.

How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

In a situation where India's education system is limited to papers and is not able to be transformed into actual practical teaching, the present-day tech-savvy students have taken responsibility for this work themselves.

Have taken it into the hands of, at least to amend the methods of preparation for the examination.

Websites and apps such as the British Council etc. provide tests, quizzes and videos for English learners for almost free.

In your spare time, you can take advantage of these apps and websites. These will strengthen your English speaking skills. Therefore, try these apps instead of playing Candy Crush, Pokemon etc.

Playing English tests and interactive games will also improve your English writing skills.

Learn to Speak English is the most popular Android app designed specifically for Indians.

This app provides a step-by-step tutorial with basic to advanced level pronunciation. 

Everyone loves music and some like to listen to the news. So learning English will become simpler and more enjoyable when you listen to the things you like.

Listen to any famous English song or listen to the song again after reading the lyrics.

Learning by listening can be done at any time - during travel, while exercising or resting, and anytime.

You can download news from famous news channels like BBC Radio, CNN etc., this will not only increase your general knowledge but also sharpen your English speaking skills.

Although it will take time but it is the most entertaining way to improve your English speaking skills.

You can start with Shanadan films like Avenger, Captain America or you can find comedy or action movies in English on YouTube. You will also find subtitles easily on the Internet. Look at them frequently and try to remember their dialogues.

Most people start learning thousands of English words but due to lack of phrases / proverbs, proper sentences cannot be made. 

One can easily make several sentences with a phrase / proverb but cannot do the same with words.

How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

πŸ‘‰ Allow less time to translate things

Most learners trying to improve English speaking skills get stuck in one place.

Translation requires time, preparing sentences in the first language, then translating it into another language, it increases both your time and effort and is not considered a good way.

This is because they spend more time translating than speaking.

You should focus on speaking the words without worrying about the exact meaning of the words or the complete structure of the sentence.

You may make mistakes in the beginning, but with practice and time you can improve your English speaking skills.

At night or as per your convenience, stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself questions, then try to answer those questions.

Try to speak loudly with a balanced expression. 

This method is best for those who feel embarrassed when they make a mistake among people.

You can choose any topic of your choice like Rio Olympics, Terror of ISIS or any other subject that you like the most.

This will improve your English speaking skills within three months and soon you will be able to speak English like a professional.

How can I improve my speaking skills in English(Do you want answer then read this)

Most people who learn English believe that they are afraid of making mistakes while speaking English and this is the biggest obstacle in their way of speaking English fluently.

In order to speak English, you have to open your mouth and speak fluently and speak a lot.

Most people are afraid to do anything they have never done before or many times.

For example, if a person has never participated in a stage show or drama before, he would hesitate to perform on stage.

If a person has not spoken to a girl before, he will now hesitate to talk to a girl. 

Similarly, if you do not speak openly, you will always hesitate. It is human's tendency to make mistakes and it is also human's tendency to correct them.

The same applies for learning to speak English, and you can make your English speaking skills stronger by making mistakes and improving them again and again.




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